Work in MAKS

Fixed Salary

100% legal, transparent and comprehensively determined in the work agreement, as per German law.

Flexible hours

Drivers are free to choose which ever is more convenient – working daily or weekly tours. We ensure the preferred schedule to be followed and our drivers can plan their free time accordingly.

German Welfare

The work agreement made in Germany grants drivers with all appropriate rights as per German law. All drivers get valid health insurance and their work time is considered as qualifying years for a pension in any EU country.

Free Training

We take drivers‘ preferences for truck types into consideration: they can choose to drive semitrailers, tandem axle trailers, drive axle trailers, trailers with or without freezers, enclosed or open trailers, solid post trailers, etc. Those who show interest in driving various types of vehicles can get free training and increase their salaries.

Full Representation

All MAKS GmbH employees, drivers included, are valued and appreciated, therefore the company not only manages the work load properly, but also takes full responsibility in protecting drivers from any illegitimate demands from the customers. We fully represent our employees and protect their rights.

Family Integration

We encourage our drivers to work and live a nicely balanced life. Therefore, we put extra effort in assisting our employees’ families during the integration process: we organize language courses, provide consultation on employment and assist in taking care of all the necessary paperwork.

About Maks GmbH

Founded in 2009, the company offers professional drivers services to the leading logistics companies in Baden-Württemberg. Our drivers skillfully drive a variety of different trucks and trailers, comply with the highest quality and ethics standards, efficiently solve issues and deal with obstacles in their work.

We are well aware of the high demands that this job includes – responsibility, professionalism, extreme character strength. That’s why we never compromise on our drivers’ well-being – their health, mood, focus and reliability are the core values that ensure our successful collaboration.

Drivers sign a standard permanent work agreement that grants them all the rights and social welfare as prescribed by the German law. They have all the social guarantees – EU qualifying pension years, paid time-off and vacations, health insurance, etc.

Highly motivated drivers are rewarded with free Profi ECO Training course, this way not only encouraging them to improve their curriculum, but also ensuring higher salary due to higher qualification. MAKS GmbH puts effort in increasing the value of driver’s occupation by bringing drivers’ lives closer to the life quality standard common in the Western Europe.

Motivating salary and social guarantees are just one side of the coin. Quality free time and family is what makes a home out of any place. That’s why MAKS GmbH pays special attention to helping the employees’ families integrate in Germany more easily.


WE TAKE CARE of the paperwork

  • Bank account and payment card
  • Residence registration, ID number
  • Employment and social insurance (health, pension, sick leaves, unemployment)
  • Mobile and internet services

WE HELP you integrate

  • Accommodation on beneficial terms
  • Paperwork for Child benefits
  • Employment consultation for partners and spouses
  • German language courses for family members



WE ENSURE your rights

  • Free choice regarding work schedule and vehicle type
  • Training opportunities – organized and/or partially funded by MAKS
  • No penalized obligations to work a certain period of time in the company
  • No unpaid or involuntary overtime
  • Full employee representation in case of any issues with the clients

Staff reviews on working at MAKS:

It’s no secret between us drivers that working outside homeland means less respect, more orders than agreements, unreliable time schedules and delayed payments. Not sure about other companies, but MAKS treats us completely differently – as equal staff members, who can plan their time and family budget, and always rely on getting the salary on time. Both our clients and MAKS follow agreements and the driver is treated decently.

I prefer stability, when your salary doesn’t depend on distances drived, loads carried or the manager’s moods. MAKS has no untaxable salaries or vaguely explained penalties. I get a decent, completely transparent salary, that in fact is even higher than in some German logistics companies.

MAKS is different from my previous jobs, because here my boss always has my back. We can compare salaries, working hours, trucks and many aspects, but the company that is on your side no matter what – that’s hard to compete with.

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